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trusted by leading creators
3-5 X
Proven increase in revenue for our
clients within first 3 months
Influencers a month only, we keep it
bespoke & focused for optimal performance
Est. since. We are 2 professionally
experienced branding and marketing specialists.

OUR creators

Brett Rossi “I’ve had a great experience with the team
at STR1DE! They’ve helped me manage and
grow my OF platform as well as always
being there for extra advice for the growth
of my social accounts!”
income increase by 5x
  • August, 2023 $35,420.92
  • July, 2023 $4,773.60
  • June, 2023 $5,588.57
MIA MALKOVA “I’ve had a great experience with the team at STR1DE! Highly recommended!”
platform growth
  • Instagram 3.2M > 11.7M
  • Reddit 770k subs
  • Telegram setup + manage
  • PH* +50% earnings
  • Website setup + manage


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Sign NDA, security guarantee for both parties.
We find the issues (lack of chatting, low-
quality content, lack of traffic).

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Creative Planning
& Production

We create a simple monthly content plan
for you built around your routine and organize
the whole platform, content & fans/followers.

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We take over
the daily work!

We handle all the hours that go in to making
a successful monthly performance in a format of
shifts and deliver a style that is catered to your
language, with regular check-ins.

We manage the day-to-day tasks
with a custom approach, while you
make money for free

WHat we provide


More free time

We take care of all the processes so that you
can focus just on content creation. Earn more
and work less.

Social Media Creative

Our social media agents help to generate ideas
to provide influx of nw traffic in Instagram, Reddit,
Twitter ad more.


We guarantee the security of our accounts and
full confidentiality: access transfer happens only
after an NDA and the model keeps full control
of their account ad page.

Bespoke approach

We only work with a select number of influencers
a month, that means apply a unique approach to
every accout that goes with your tone of voice
and so we can double down on what works and give
the attention to the accounts it deserves.


So you can focus on content while we handle the day-to-day running to generate revenue

your burning
q’s, answered.

How do you work with influencers like me?
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Let's get creative! To make sure your content is fresh and engaging, we'll need some 'raw marketing material' from you. We've created a fun to-do list with an accompanying questionnaire for all the info needed - photos, and videos included. Simply upload it via Google Drive or Dropbox and our team will take over from there; creating strategic posts according to a pre-approved weekly posting schedule that will keep your audience engaged even more!

Is there a minimum subscription or contact?
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No long-term commitment here! With our service, you'll enjoy the convenience of a monthly subscription fee with no surprises - and the flexibility to cancel anytime.

What is included in your packages?
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Our monthly service is here to help you plan and execute creative content for the upcoming month without stress. We are an official partner of Later, so our scheduling app will make sure your content reaches its desired audience on time! In addition, we provide a list of trending Tiktok/Reel videos with guides and ideas tailored just for you. All IG/Twitter posts? Done! How about unique video & graphic edits perfect to promote any offers or discounts being run? No problem! You get unlimited requests included. And that's not all – get unlimited access seven days a week via iMessage or Whatsapp directly from us should you have questions or need support getting started - because YOU deserve it!

Which social media platforms can you help me with?
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Our services offer a complete package to ensure success on the three leading social media platforms - Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. As experts in IG content creation, we are confident our specialized knowledge of how each platform works will help you get maximum benefit for your brand. If other avenues such as OnlyFans would be beneficial to reach your target audience more effectively then custom packages can also be tailored just for you!

What results can I expect from your service?
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By following my tailored methods, you can expect to see an increase in engagement and reach within the first month! Working together as a team - where I provide direction for content style and you tailor it according to your personal profile - we will create an account that really stands out. Don't fret; I'll make sure everything is easy so that maximum results can be achieved effortlessly.